Web Promotion – Deliverables

Deliverables of Web Promotion

Regardless of the SEO condition of your website, you can always put your word out there at relevant & high traffic places on the internet. Here are the activities that primarily fetch relevant traffic & visibility to your website. Some of them have a very good impact on your site's SEO & keyword ranking as well.

Q & A Forums: Quora, Yahoo Answers & Answers.com

  • To create your public profile in each of them
  • To shortlist all threads relevant to you and create new threads
  • To put an answer in each of the threads which will be informative to the users and promotes you as well

Relevant Blogs:

  • To shortlist relevant high traffic blogs in your niche
  • To put one guest post promoting you in one of those blogs
  • To cleverly promote you through comments at those blogs

Major Business Listings: Google Places (World), Justdial (India)

  • To list you inside 2 major business listing sites, one being Google places.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram & Google+

  • To shortlist relevant threads and promoting you there through comments.
  • Joining relevant groups and sharing your content there.
  • Creating & sharing your content with your subscribers & niche groups

Analytics: For tracking improvements

  • Integrate Google Analytics & Search Console for tracking traffic improvements