Task Automation (Scripting)

At Vsybly we are master class automation experts. We can automate EVERYTHING you do on the computer. We do this using scripting languages and a number of automation tools.

You might be performing a number of repetitive, time-consuming tasks on your computer every day; tasks that are quite unproductive yet take a lot of your time. Such as turning on your PC at a particular time, do routine chores, maybe move/copy/paste data from one location to another, manual data entry or extraction on the internet, sending a customized message to a number of people in your group etc. Consider fully automating these tasks which will save you countless hours of time & effort in a month. If you have employed people for doing such tasks, a simple press of a button can do the work of multiple employees, more efficiently and take much lesser time.

Web Data Extraction - Directory

One of our Clients needed to make a list of Accountants in the Pennsylvania state of USA. We helped them by making a simple tool which goes to Manta.com, (a highly popular business directory in the US), visits the appropriate category (Accountants in PA) then copied the desired data into an excel sheet. Prior to this, our Client was having to do it all manually. So it was a huge time & effort saver for them.

Web Data Extraction - Products

Another client of us owned & managed an affiliate shopping portal and needed to fetch their affiliate codes of products listed on Amazon. She used to do it manually, taking hours & hours of boring, unproductive man-hours. But with a simple tool we build for her, she was able to fetch the desired data from Amazon with the click of a button. The whole thing was now 20x faster, and with almost 0 effort put, she mentioned later.

Desktop Task Automation

A web professional contacted us with a unique requirement. He had the job verifying the email addresses in his contact list for bads & invalids, almost daily. The process involved opening his email database, copying a certain number of emails, pasting it in a web based email verification portal, waiting till its completion, then taking the bad emails from the final reports, copying them again in his master database and comparing the two lists to remove the bad ones permanently. We did it flawlessly, and now it gets done in minutes.

Web Postings Automated

A marketer approached us with a need to contact other members in his Linkedin groups. He was having to message them manually which was tiresome. He also wanted to customize the messages with first name salutation, as well as unique messages for each recipient. This was a complicated task but made simple by a simple tool we built for them. This can be used for custom messaging, updating product information in shopping carts, maintaining catalog, Search Engine submissions, content submissions etc.

Complete Autopilot

We can even set up your systems in a way that-

1. Your PC will wake itself up at a designated time 2. Will perform an assigned duty such as any of the above 3. Will shut itself down after the job is completed.

Welcome the future in your Organization, make use of task automation now.

Need Task Automation at your Workplace?

Drop us a few lines about your requirements. Remember, if you can do it on your computer, we can automate it for you.